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Diane von Furstenberg: Must Go

Easter Island


Chilean Territory in the Pacific Ocean

I spent the holidays in South America with my family at Los Lobos, a health spa and monastery nestled in a costal mountain range just north of Santiago, Chile. I went to visit Dr. Alberto Villoldo who is a psychologist, medical anthropologist and author. His book ‘Grow a New Body: How Spirit and Power Plan Nutrients can Transform You Health,’ has changed my life and my understanding of healing and wellness.

On new years day I took a three-day trip alone to Easter Island, which has always been on top of my bucket list. The remote, volcanic island is 2,000 miles west of the Chilean coast in the Pacific Ocean. Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995, Easter Island’s lush terrain is populated with thousands of monolithic statues made out of volcanic stone created by the Polynesian people when they first inhabited the island hundreds of years ago. The ‘Moai,’ by which these carved figures are known, are believed to have been built to honor the community’s ancestors and have been a focus of scientific study and worldwide fascination for decades. This remote, historical destination is a must go for adventure seekers looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg is an internationally recognized entrepreneur and highly respected philanthropist. Since moving to New York City in 1970 to launch her eponymous label – known for its bold prints, feminine aesthetic and iconic wrap dresses – DVF has been an influential force in the global fashion industry.

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