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337 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013



Like the rainbow bagel, colorful coffee drinks, or cookie dough sold in an ice cream disguise, souffle pancakes fall into the category of 'food trends of the instagram age'. But this one, jiggles and all, doesn’t disappoint. Naturally, this beautiful breakfast in all its fluffy glory was born in Japan, perhaps the global capital of cuteness. Last October, one of souffle pancakes’ masters, Flippers, opened up its first New York City location in SoHo.

A part of the Flipper’s experience is the overwhelming craze and excitable fan base this genre of food brings... the line out the door, neon signs on the wall, anticipation, watching the fluffiest pancakes ever present themselves to your brunch table begging for the phone to eat them first. However, the Flippers experience is a foodie-friendly one too. The space itself is flooded with natural light, a half open kitchen, and an approachable brunch menu featuring an array of sweet and savory classics for those who don’t want to bare the 45 minute wait.

Nonetheless, for those who do come to Flippers for the full experience, the long awaited “miracle pancakes” arrive table side looking exactly as-advertised - small, round, and inches thick, a stack of fluffy pancakes are dalloped, sprinkled, or coated with their specialty flavourings. This type of souffle pancake is normally created by mixing classic pancake mixture with a whipped egg white meringue, so biting into it gives the exact sweet, airy texture one would expect. Plus, the souffle pancakes come in original, strawberry, and matcha flavours, inviting every fluffy pancake devotee to come and enjoy.

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