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Kiddy Land


World-wide champions in all things cute and fun, it is no surprise that Tokyo, Japan has successfully mastered the art of the toy store. A bright display of art and play, Kiddy Land is a multi-level consumer playground filled to the brim with tax-free toys and character goods. To be surrounded by the colorful and lively anime born from years of tradition in Japanese cartoons crosses the line from a child’s favorite shopping excursion into an immersive cultural experience.

Kiddy Land’s kawaii fantasy is built of five floors packed with almost any children’s toy imaginable. The ultimate toy store is designed to be explored through a variety of sections that are themed to national and international favorites from Hello Kitty Shop to Disney Avenue. Each section characteristically dives deep into the merchandise of the given cartoon world. The bottom level, for example, is dedicated to the “Snoopy Town Shop”, and creates a vision of a store where you just might run into the Peanut Friends.

Weaving through this fun world of toy inspired fantasy has children and adults alike with an incurable urge to play and imagine. Whether it’s for actual toy shopping, anime inspiration, or to indulge in the ultimate destination for Japanese kawaii, Kiddy Land is a Tokyo ‘must go’ destination for endless exploration.

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