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Levi Strauss: A History of American Style

The Contemporary Jewish Museum's Virtual Tour

The history of denim is a journey full of beautiful innovation and cultural insight. And it can be mostly traced by way of the story of Levi’s. This story- and the designs and insights that accompany it- is the essence of the Contemporary Jewish Museum’s current exhibition, Levi Strauss: A History of American Style. Although the museum doors are closed given our current situation, the institution has done a particularly great job offering their vast knowledge and wonderfully curated content through an online exhibition tour, information, and overview.

From the blue jeans’ start in cowboy culture, to their popularity in Hollywood, infiltrating rebel culture as well as cultural revolutions, the story of Levi Strauss exhibits the all encompassing nature and personability of denim. The Jewish Museum’s Online tour will guide you through not only the history of the blue jean and of the Levi brand, but the curatorial experience of the gallery space. Thus, the intentions in showcasing the amazing physical and cultural durability of jeans in American society can be understood through our screens as we continue taking in the outside world while staying at home.

Either let the slides roll, or if you’re the kind of museum goer who likes to take their time and move around at their own pace, the online exhibition tour also allows you to click through the space using a birds-eye-view map of the gallery layout. Regardless, with the wide-ranging, inclusive iconoclasm that jeans have developed, everyone is sure to find something of interest in this virtual exhibition.

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