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Margherita Missoni: Must Go



Milan, Italy

Because the city is living a new wave, but its past was pretty glorious too. One of Milan’s subtle highlights is its hardware: the Milanese are no show-offs, but to balance some of the city's understated facades, the Italians liked to invest in epic entry halls... Milanese entry halls make us remember the importance of a first impression. With attention to Italian modernism, Milan's entry ways combine color, material, texture and shape, to create dazzling visuals, all while softening the border between public and private space. In fact, these entry halls begin to blur the line between art and architecture as individualized disciplines, given the complexity and detail of the city's historic architecture. The Milanese entry hall is a must, but the Taschen book is pretty good too!

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Margherita Missoni is a model, designer and newly-appointed creative director of M Missoni, the sub-brand launched by her family's Italian fashion house, Missoni, which was founded in 1953.

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