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New York Botanical Garden

Virtual Garden Walks

One thing that became clear as soon as humans began to retreat months ago, was that nature would continue to flourish (and perhaps even flourish greater) without us. Seasons would continue to change and as spring came, the rest of life would blossom, bloom, and recreate even while the people had to put their speedy world on pause. And in this time, that reminder that nature gives us continues to be a source of joy for many.

The New York Botanical Garden’s series of ‘Virtual Garden Walks’ provide a way of seeing the seasonal flora in action. The series, compiled of short videos, features a variety of the plants and flowers blooming among the garden’s premises in real time. NYBG’s videos almost capture the feeling of walking among those blossoming trees. Each is paired with a short informative paragraph that compliments a minute of video clips showing off the beautiful pedals and branches swaying in the wind. The videos -found across the website and updated regularly- serve as this same kind of reminder of how nature will continue to move, change, and grow.

Moreover, the New York Botanical Garden has worked hard to compose an array of experiences on the site's home page now titled ‘NYBG at Home’. There you will find daily content from watercolor classes to ‘Virtual Herbarium Expeditions’. Browsing the compilations on nybg.org is as relaxing, creative, or educational as we need it to be, and it can help us all access the total beauty and inspiration that flowers and gardens have always seemed to hold.

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