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The Paris Review

Online Literary Magazine with Digital Art & Photography Archives

Founded in 1950s Paris, France, The Paris Review was born as a space for honoring and exploring creative works in fiction and poetry. In the 1960s, the literary magazine brought its artistry to New York City, partnering seamlessly with the interdisciplinary creative spirit that began thriving through the city’s streets at that time in history. The publication became versed in art and photography as well as written creative media. Through the following decades, the content has expanded greatly, and today offers an extensive digital presence as a literary magazine for the contemporary viewer with an organized digital archive of visual artwork.

The Paris Review’s website publishes new content daily. But alongside the beautifully curated stories, poems, essays, and articles, the review offers a variety of content for watching, listening, and admiring. Their video thread, Poets on Couches, is a rainy-day bouffet of creatives reciting their work in their intimate cozy spaces (and let’s face it-- the world has kind of been put in an indefinite rainy-day state of mind lately). The Paris Review Podcast is another way to bring these beautiful works to life through 2 Seasons of episodes, each one as engaging and inspiring as the next. And finally, the art and photography archive allows us another place to go and click through decades of visual culture that outlined the magazine’s rich artistic past.

Now is certainly a fruitful time of creative production for artists and writers alike. As such, the digital publication becomes a place to either philosophize on our current state of existence with Rich Cohen’s “Behind the Mask of Corruption” or leave this world completely behind as you dive into Senaa Ahmad’s “Let’s Play Dead”. And later, find the archive to journey into the art and photography of your favorite artist or decade (be sure to take a scroll through the impressive 1980's collection). Regardless of what your creative spirit is craving, The Paris Review offers a refined, historical place to dig through some of the beautiful words and images being produced and published in this moment as well as through past decades of creativity.

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