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Kenneth Goldsmith's Digital Archive



For most of us this week, the furthest we “must go” is on a deep internet surf, stumbling upon new, exciting finds in the digital universe…

For just this kind of exciting, educational e-journey, we recommend a trip to UbuWeb. Once there, you will find endless avant-garde archrival material that you may not find anywhere else on the internet. UbuWeb was started by poet Kenneth Goldsmith in 1996 for this very purpose. While at the time, it was specific to the world of poetry, today,the archrival material ranges from video and sound bites, to magazines and tweets, with many artistic media to explore throughout. The integrity of the site remains a showcase of inspiring and provocative works that become available to the greater public eye.

The thing that connects all of the material on UbuWeb, is that they find themselves in this sphere of the avant-garde. Among the (perhaps underrated) art historical access this provides, the huge collection essentially gives the site a feeling of bottomless intrigue. 14 years after its founding, UbuWeb remains a highly educational space for discovering the works of art and creative history that are so wonderfully weird.

Be forewarned: you may find yourself lost in a rabbit hole of the strange unknown corners of creative minds… enjoy!

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