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Artists' Cookbook

The Museum of Modern Art with Madeleine Conway and Nancy Kirk


Published in 1977

This week, as we all find ourselves growing restless in our quarantines, turning to new fun and creative practices just might be our saving grace. Minnie Muse suggests MoMA’s Artists’ Cookbook as a way to indulge in history, creativity, and the comfort of food from your home.

Published in 1977 by The Museum of Modern Art in collaboration with foodies, Madeleine Conway and Nancy Kirk, this beautiful work is curated into the culinary inspiration of several great artists. Flipping through the pages of a vintage copy, you will find the book is much more than a collection of recipes. Rather, a quote from a modern art master is followed by historians’ reflections of the artist’s relationship to cuisine, and finally, recipes of the artist’s choosing or inspiration. Thus, the reader becomes lost in the indulgent relationship between art and food.

Deciding what to cook evening after evening could be the perfect opportunity to introduce some creative change into our routines. So, why not take note from MoMA’s greats such as Dali, Bourgeois, Indiana, and Warhol? Or, just nourish yourself with the introspective reflections on food and cooking. As it turns out, these musings act as inspiration enough to get us all in the chef’s headspace.

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