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Interior Vignettes Inspired by 8 Iconic Fashion Houses

‘Color-Me’ is a collaboration between Colby Mugrabi, founder of multi-disciplinary media brand Minnie Muse, and New York-based artist and designer Sarah Coleman. Stemming from a shared appreciation for the importance of remaining crafty and creative in the time of quarantine, the duo began developing the concept of a printable coloring book in spring 2020 as the world remained in lockdown and people grew increasingly restless, yearning for new means of at home entertainment.

As such, the ensuing project drew from both collaborator’s love and appreciation for the history of art, fashion, architecture, and design, as well as their mutual fondness for twisting convention and injecting familiar mediums with a sense of modernity.

Drawing from the trademark contrasts and multifaceted creative styles present in both Colby Mugrabi and Sarah Coleman’s professional work, ‘Color-Me’ is a digital coloring book of interior vignettes inspired by eight historical and contemporary fashion houses.

Each respective scene has been carefully curated with objects, art, patterns, and products indicative of the brand in focus, rendered in a familiar format one typically associates with childhood coloring books. The objective of the project is to provide a means of creative escapism and nostalgia, while inspiring all end users to explore familiar brands and mediums in an imaginative and engaging fashion.

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