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Designer Hand Sanitizer

It is safe to say that we are all adjusting to a new normal. It is one that, for many of us, includes a hyper-awareness to our sanitization habits (particularly during brief moments in distanced public). Hand sanitizer has become both a hot commodity and a daily necessity. And, as many other things we are discovering amongst the weirdness, if you can make it routine, you can also “make it fashion”. So, imagine your Purell was not only the liquid gold that it has become, but liquid gold wrapped in vintage Louis Vuitton leather. Behold, Sarah Coleman’s Mini Hand Sanitizer.

Sarah Coleman is a New York City based artist whose work brings luxury fashion to our everyday. Through decorating unexpected and often mundane objects with classic designer logos and patterns, Coleman mixes our visual indicators of high and low, bringing a sense of glamour to the ordinary. Her hand sanitizer does the same in a timely and quite beautiful way. Each customized, unique sanitizer sleeve is created with repurposed leather in the classic brown LV pattern. From there, you can choose a chic gold chain or leather wrist strap for easy access.

Things we find around the house like folding chairs, extension cords, and band-aids for Sarah Coleman can be as luxury as bags and shoes. And now, as we search for little moments of joy, so can hand sanitizer. So, the next time you find yourself panic searching for the sanitizer at the bottom of your bag, it might be nice to pull out this lovely piece of sanitary art to have your back.

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