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Devialet Gold Phantom Speakers

Promising to change the way we hear music, Devialet’s Phantom Premier is the ultimate speaker for the most stylish and obsessive of music lovers.

With ultralow frequencies, the speaker’s tangible infrabass achieves a full-body experience, possibly redefining what it means to listen. The Phantom Premier promise 2000-4500 watts of sound with no distortion, saturation, or background noise. Employing state of the art technologies to maximize sound potential and fill a room from all angles, the Phantom Premier hopes its listeners will discover intricate details in the recordings of the music they thought they knew front to back.

Better yet, these sleek, wireless speakers connect to WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplay, or directly to Spotify, with all of your song-listening needs conveniently controlled on the Phantom Premier app. Yearning for even MORE? The Gold Phantom Premier features an additional 2500 watts and is finished in 22 carat gold leaf delicately applied by gilders at Atelier Gohard in Paris.

Phantom Premier is not just the next best fancy speaker system, it is a music playing revolution. After 10 years of research and imput from 80 specialists in aerodynamics, automobiles, acoustics, and mechanics, no detail of sound projection was left unresolved. Welcome to the future of home audio.

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