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Jean-Michel Basquiat Barbie

With this stunning collectable doll, Barbie pays tribute to the artistic and cultural accomplishments of the great Jean-Michel Basquiat. The JMB Barbie wears a striking suit covered head to toe in the artists’ signature graphics. Paired with sleek red pumps and a shiny gold crown, the drawn pattern meets the wide-leg pant, shirt, tie, and belt, with a high-low commentary that seems to speak to Basquiat’s own body of work. This scaled-down token intersecting art and fashion, includes details from doodley marks on the 3D rendition of the famed Basquiat crown to nods to the artist’s graphic poetry. With stunning garments, facial features, and attention to every last centimeter, this collectible beautifully captures the creativity and imaginative spirit of the legendary Jean-Michel Basquiat.

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