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Jean Prouvé 21 Seats to Color

by Galerie Patrick Seguin

'Jean Prouvé - 21 Seats to Color,' published by Paris's Galerie Patrick Seguin, honors the career of the late French architect while drawing - quite literally - on the creative nostalgia conjured up through the act of coloring. The simple and relaxing pastime is given a creative edge when combined with Prouvé’s iconic seating designs; as one becomes both captivated and curious to learn more about his expansive career.

Jean Prouvé’s creative vision embodies the importance of form and function, while his minimalist approach to all aspects of his work make his designs more relevant than ever. As we navigate through these unprecedented times, viewers are able to find solace in this simple yet unique rendition of the classic coloring book, which is available to download and print on the Galerie Patrick Seguin website. Happy coloring!

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