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John Galliano for Dior

“I see myself as a guardian of [Christian Dior’s] spirit, a keeper of his dreams,” said John Galliano, creative dirctor of The House of Dior from 1998 to 2011. Galliano’s tenure at Dior defined the hayday of high fashion. His couture collections produced some of the most dramatic looks to ever walk the runway, all of which will briliantly documented through the talented eyes – and lens – of British photographer Robert Fairer.

Fairer’s latest book hororing fashion’s favorite ennfant terrible, John Galliano for Dior is a vivid documentation of the energetic, unforgettable spirit associated with Galliano’s time at the helm of the French house. Dedicated to showcasing John Galliano’s most iconic collections and memorable runway moments, the text reveals particular memories harbored within each page. Galliano’s designs have become engrained in culture while representing his ability to broaden the boundaries of fashion, creating pieces that undeniably double as works of art. Robert Fairer reveals these behind the scenes moments of models, hairdressers, stylists, makeup artists and Galliano himself in this week’s Minnie Muse Must Have.

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