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Maison Bonnet Glasses

What would Paris fashion be without couture craftsmanship? If you’re in the city of lights and in market for a special pair of eyeglasses, look no further than bespoke eyewear house, Maison Bonnet. Imagine the process of designing a couture suit with Chanel, but instead of deciding between tweed fabrics you’re choosing a frame color and material, and rather than selecting the best silhouette for your figure, you’re picking the best for your face. Every element of Maison Bonnet’s process in creating eyewear is custom, taking two to nine months of detailed fabrication, and sometimes 30 hours of handwork in their atelier, until each pair is complete. The final step? A scheduled “face fitting” with one of Bonnet’s in-house specialists, in which their master artisan refines your custom frames until aesthetic and ergonomic perfection is reached. In true couture fashion, Maison Bonnet glasses are certainly a time commitment, but well worth the investment and wait!

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