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The Art of the Swimming Pool

“Splash” is a beautifully curated photo book that takes a deep dive into the art, architecture, function, and fun of swimming pools. This coffee table must have, written by Annie Kelly with photos by Tim Street Porter, has readers fantasizing about their dream backyard landscape complete with the most beautiful and inviting water feature imaginable.

With their work, encompassing the feeling of a refreshing dip on a warm day in a fantasy location, Kelly and Porter choose to feature a variety of pools. The book opens with a chapter full of the enchanting and view seeking ‘infinity pool’. And after igniting this sense of wanderlust, they continue to feature personalized outdoor spaces and unique, innovative constructions. Many of the pools boast legendary architects, famous owners, or both. So while these pages may take you around tropical destinations, they'll also teach us how Cher might have cooled off in the summertime, or just how a pool should look in the eyes of the great Frank Lloyd Wright.

With smart description and beautiful imagery, Splash: The Art of the Swimming Pool shows us the swimming pool as a medium of art and style. And in appreciating the design qualities, it also captures the sense of play and retreat that they’ve always possessed anyways. Whether or not there is a swimming pool in your plans this summer, this book is sure to provide a source of refreshing inspiration.

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