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Ward Bennett

Ward Bennett is to 20th century American design as Mick Jagger is to rock and roll. Born in New York City in 1917, Bennett’s career spanned over five decades, encompassing both architecture and interiors, in addition to furniture and textile design. With a taste for simplistic forms, refined materials and understated elegance, Bennett’s signature rich minimalism eared the architect a loyal contingent of the era’s most affluent clients; including David Rockefeller, Gianni and Marella Agnelli, Tiffany & Co. and Chase Manhattan Bank.

At long last, Ward Bennett’s monumental career is finally being paid tribute in the first and only comprehensive monograph covering the late American designer’s work. Released by Phaidon Press in 2017, this book is a must have for architecture and design lovers with a particular affinity to 20th century aesthetics.

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