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American Masters: Basquiat

From living on the street and tagging buildings in downtown New York as a teenager, to collaborating with Andy Warhol, dating Madonna and achieving worldwide critical acclaim in less than a decade, Jean-Michel Basquiat will forever be remembered as the voice of a generation. In his shockingly short career, Basquiat developed a visual language and style that came to define the 1980s New York art scene.

In the latest biopic ‘American Masters: Basquiat’, produced by BBC, art world impresarios, close friends and Basquiat’s two sisters, honor the late artist’s legacy, sharing personal stories while remarking on the depth of his creativity with striking candor. This documentary paints a compelling picture of the handsome, charismatic and fragile artist, leaving viewers with a deeper understanding of, appreciation towards, and genuine love for Jean-Michel Basquait and his work; a genius lost far too soon.

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