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Damien Hirst Colour Space Paintings


May 4 – June 30, 2018


Gagosian Gallery – 555 West 24th Street

Damien Hirst began his prolific series of Spot Paintings, among his most recognized works, back in 1986. The British artist’s initial creative motivation was to produce paintings that were painted by a human trying to paint like a machine. While the first two works within the series were loose and less minimal than the subsequent pictures, the mechanized technique behind this body of work eventually removed all presence of an artistic hand – riding the canvas of drip marks, compass lines and systematic imperfections. Now, thirty years later, Hirst is returning to his abstract tendencies with the Colour Space Paintings. While these works still adhere to specific rules established by the Spot Paintings – no single color is ever repeated and the dot size is unvarying within each canvas – Hirst has advanced without the logic of a uniform grid and the symmetry of a perfect circle. These colorful, abstract works are a free spirited revival of Hirst’s iconic Spot Paintings and a must see exhibition for contemporary art lovers.

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