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Flowers in The Attic

Based on the original novel by V.C. Andrews, the 1987 film directed by Jeffery Bloom, ‘Flowers in the Attic’ is set to the kind of eerie music that lets us know constantly that something’s not right. This is how we know that as a seemingly happy family of 6 runs around their house, the joyous perfection won’t last long. Before you know it, the four blonde haired blue eyed children, (conveniently named Cathy, Christopher, Carrie, and Cory) are locked in their grandmother’s attic so their mom can win her way back into her father’s heart… and his will.

And if being locked in a grandmother’s attic soundtracked by eerie music doesn’t seem creepy enough for you, just know that the film is complete with pretty much every other 1980s scary movie motif you can think of. Starting with the fact that the attic is covered in cobwebs and sits atop a gothic mansion on a gloomy estate, the film also features a bible toting, gem adorned evil grandma dressed black velvet as well as multiple ‘no not that door- don’t go in there’ kind of moments.

All the while, the youngest siblings create paper flowers to make up for lost moments of their childhoods playing outside. These flowers and the barred window they sit by act as their reminder of hope for life beyond the attic. The film picks up on themes of religion, family, obedience, wealth, and betrayal. Plot twist after plot twist, Flowers in The Attic is the strange kind of scary movie that you can’t seem to look away from.

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