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Jewelry: The Body Transformed


November 12, 2018 – February 24, 2019


The Metropolitan Museum of Art



Jewelry is the oldest form of bodily adornment known to man, having the ability to convey a message and transform the object’s wearer much like clothing, oftentimes in a far more subtle and sentimental manner. In the latest exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, jewelry is explored through the lens of its transformative capabilities and the manners in which ornaments activate the bodies they adorn.

Jewelry is a wearable time capsule, transcending generations, cultures, and space. Long lasting by nature, jewelry lives as both an ornamental object and an art piece, capturing the aesthetics and motivations of specific times and its intended subjects.

In the MET’s latest exhibition honoring centuries of cultural adornment, 230 objects from the museum’s collection are on display alongside sculptures, paintings, prints and photographs that amplify the transformative significance of the objects in focus. From dazzling contemporary headdresses and ancient ear ornaments, to brooches, belts, necklaces and rings, the exhibit questions the codes and constructs of modernity, proving that jewelry is one of the most meaningful and intimate practices since the beginning of the civilized world. A must see exhibition that offers an eye-opening lens on the history of culture through the codes of bodily adornment.

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