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Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton

Documentary by Loic Prigent


Released in 2007

This 2007 French TV Documentary displays the beautiful and transitional journey of Louis Vuitton under Marc Jacobs. In the film, directed by Loïc Prigent, the viewer momentarily dives into the creative, glamorous universe of the designer’s rule at the fashion house. As the film opens on a shot of Jacobs dressed as a pigeon on his way to his New Years Eve party, we immediately get a sense of the designer's creative wit. And, though he was notoriously difficult to access in his life and creative process, Pringent manages to document Jacobs with a star-studded community as well as intimate moments during his shoots, meetings, and runway shows.

Beyond the eccentricities of the designer himself, the doc outlines the history, success, trials, and rebirths of the Louis Vuitton brand. In understanding this sense of LV’s salience and profitability, the story at hand becomes all the more intriguing. The choice of Marc Jacobs as artistic director (while now seemingly inevitable) was, at the time, bold and unpredictable. And the risk of appointing the king of grunge to the classic luxury brand was one that paid off many times over.

The story serves as an example for the type of leadership that many fashion houses since have followed: Jacobs was able to geniusly honor the integrity of the brand’s history while also progressively pushing its artistic boundaries. It was a thrilling time when Louis Vuitton was being reborn and Marc Jacobs was a name that sang with “potential”. A look back at Prigent's film today is not only educational and entertaining, but it just might make you smile and fall in love with young Marc Jacobs all over again. The story of the relationship between the bold designer and classic brand is certainly one worth reminiscing upon.

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