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KAWS : Must See

The Outsider Art Fair at Frieze New York


May 2-5, 2019


Randall’s Island Park

Every May the international art community descends upon Randall’s Island for Frieze New York. As attendees shuffle from booth to booth, art fair fatigue sets in. In such cases, when your eyes get dry and your concentration drained, head over to the Outsider Art Fair show, for a much needed mental refresh. This year’s exhibition, titled ‘The Doors of Perception’ is a unique project in collaboration with Frieze New York curated by Venezuelan-born artist Javier Téllez.

Featuring work of over forty visionary artists from five continents, The Doors of Perception focuses on the forward-thinking nature of self-taught, outsider art from different cultures around the world. Each artist included in the show, whether psychiatric patients or visionaries from humble means, has felt the need, at some point in their life, to create a unique artistic language and form of self-expression to reveal what they understand to be the true nature of things.

Often overlooked and disenfranchised without any prior artistic training, many of the forty artists featured have dedicated their lives to the complex creations of their unique means of self-expression. The Doors of Perception, offers a humanistic take on the act of making art, one grounded in the perpetual possibility of visionaries oftentimes misunderstood.

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Brian Donnelly, known professionally as KAWS, is a Brooklyn-based artist and designer. Internationally recognized for his large-scale sculptures, paintings, prints and commercial collaborations, KAWS's work is widely exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, and held in the permanent collections of public institutions. 

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