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Tom Wesselmann: Standing Still Lifes

At Gagosian Gallery


January 18 – February 24, 2018


555 west 24th street

Pop art icon Tom Wesselmann produced nine monumental works between the years of 1967 and 1981, which make up a series known as the “Standing Still Lifes”. For the first time in history, the complete body of work is being presented in a single show at Gagosian Gallery on 24th street. Each large-scale work is composed of multiple, shaped canvases depicting commonplace objects, carefully positioned in a cluster to form a large, complete still life. Wesselmann’s work is typically composed of a hybrid of elements, such as drawing and collage, or painting and assemblage art, and most often depicts everyday motifs. The “Standing Still Lifes”, while atypical in size, fit perfectly into the Wesselmann ethos, from their cheeky, run-of-the-mill subject matter - sunglasses, nail polish, a toothbrush, keys, an orange, amongst others – to their nature as composite works – part painting, part sculpture, and part installation – this Wesselmann show is a definite must see for anyone interested in Pop art, or those looking to visit an impressive installation.

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