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Margherita Missoni: Must See

Villa Panza


Tuesday-Friday 10:30-8:30, Saturday 10:30-6 & Sunday 10:30-8:30


Piazza Litta, 1, 21100 Varese VA, Italy

Count Panza di Biumo was arguably the first ever collector of conceptual art, which currently resides primarily at MOCA and the Guggenheim, but his often controversial dialogue with artists can only be experienced at his family’s residency in #Varesetheplacetobe. The count is also my personal color hero.

Villa Panza, dating back to the 18th century, is widely recognized as a center for contemporary art. Marquis Paolo Antonio Menafoglio chose the top of Biumo Hill, located in the Italian city of Varese, as the site for his country home. Fast-forward to the 1950s, Count Giuseppe Panza developed an affinity for contemporary art and began collecting works from various well-known American artists. Panza was especially keen on the concepts of light and color, therefore explaining his aesthetic interest in artists such as Robert Wilson, Wim Wender, James Turrell and Dan Flavin; in fact, the villa boasts several site-specific works by Flavin. Set in the ancient rooms of the mansion, the contemporary motifs, Renaissance furniture and African and pre-Columbian artifacts are all in conversation in this dreamy setting.

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Margherita Missoni is a model, designer and newly-appointed creative director of M Missoni, the sub-brand launched by her family's Italian fashion house, Missoni, which was founded in 1953.

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