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Visitors to Versailles


April 16 – July 29, 2018


The Metropolitan Museum of Art



During the reign of Louis XIV, the royal palace of Versailles and its glorious gardens played host to flocks of French and foreign visitors, including royalty, ambassadors, dignitaries, musicians, artists, writers, tourists and day-trippers. This magnificent public court on the outskirts of Paris was an international hub of communication and world relations in addition to being open to the decently dressed public looking to get a glimpse of the King at home.

Opening on Monday, the Metropolitan Museum of Art will host an extensive exhibition highlighting the experience of travelers visiting the palace of Versailles during the renowned reign of Louis XIV and his successors; beginning in 1682, up until the court was forced out in 1789 during the onset of the French Revolution. The exhibit explores the experience of guests visiting the Palace and its gardens through the inclusion of paintings, portraits, furniture, tapestries, carpets, porcelain, sculpture, costumes, and armor; a ‘Must Go’ exhibition for anyone interested in a beautifully educational dose of European history.

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