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Neville Jacobs

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Minnie Muse sat down for a fantasy interview with Neville Jacobs, the six-year-old Bull Terrier belonging to fashion designer Marc Jacobs. With over 200K Instagram followers, Neville lives his life in the spotlight, having amassed a loyal following akin to that of his owner. Despite his active presence on social media and the streets of downtown New York, we found out that there is a lot the world doesn’t know about Neville, here are some highlights from our first fantasy interview with a notable Designer Dog…

Posted February 6th, 2019 By Colby Mugrabi

Name: Neville Jacobs

Owner: Marc Jacobs

Age: 6 Years old

Breed: Bull Terrier

Instagram Handle: @NevilleJacobs

Minnie Muse: Where do you sleep?

Neville Jacobs: My dad had artist Rachel Feinstein construct an enchanted custom dog house for me. They are close friends and worked together on the set for his Fall/Winter 2012 collection. I wasn’t born yet, but when I came into his life a few months after the show he asked Rachel if she would once again put her skills in sculpture to good use and design a home for me.

MM: What are your favorite chew toys?

NJ: I love playing with flower pillows by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. He and my dad go way back to the days when he worked at Louis Vuitton. The pillows are such fun colors and have a happy face on one side and a sleeping face on the other. You can always tell how I feel based on the color pillow I am carrying; they joke at the office that my Murakami pillows are like doggie mood rings.

MM: Out of what type of dog bowl do you eat?

NJ: I have a special bowl with polka dots that Yayoi Kusama made for me. It was sent all the way from Japan as a surprise on my first birthday.

MM: What are your favorite shoes?

NJ: It depends on where I am going. A few seasons ago my dad made me a set of four sparkle platform booties to wear out at night, they are comfortable and give me an extra few inches.

MM: What is your favorite meal?

NJ: My dad’s office is in Soho so we go to Balthazar a lot – I love their Steak Frites!

MM: What is your preferred method of transport?

NJ: New York can get so chilly in the winter; I love when we escape to St. Barths with our crew. Dad always spoils me and flies me with all of my friends.

MM: Where is your favorite place to sleep?

NJ: I love to cuddle up in dad’s Balenciaga Seven-Layer Parka.

MM: What is your dog carrier like?

NJ: I enjoy walking around on the street because people stop and take pictures with me, but when I’m feeling lazy or don’t want the attention I hide in a Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Monogram Graffiti Keepall.

MM: When you’re not at the office, what is your favorite downtime activity?

NJ: Definitely watching RuPaul’s Drag Race cuddled up in bed with my dad. We have seen every episode; he was even a guest judge on Season 8. I hosted a viewing party at home and invited all my friends over and watch. Everyone had to show up in their best doogie drag looks.

MM: What is your Zodiac Sign:

NJ: I was born on August 28, 2012 and I’m a quintessential Virgo; I’m very humble, intelligent, witty and well spoken.

MM: Favorite Dog Walker?

NJ: All my dad’s friends are so nice and give me lots of attention, but my favorite one to go on a walk with is definitely my godmother, Sofia Coppola. She always takes me somewhere to get a sweet treat.

MM: Do you wear perfume? If so, what scent?

NJ: I like to test out all of my dad’s scents, but my favorite is still Marc Jacobs Daisy, its fresh, playful and elegant, just like me!

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