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Audrey Versace

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Amidst Met Gala mania, Minnie Muse sat down with Audrey Versace, the Jack Russell terrier belonging to Italian fashion legend Donatella Versace. Between red carpet fittings and back-to-back meetings, we were granted 30 minutes of one-on-one time to chat about all things Audrey. Read highlights from our fantasy interview with Donatella’s pampered pooch, where we discussed her daily routine when home in Milan, which old Hollywood actress she considers her spirit animal, her favorite Versace accessories, and what bad habit she and Donatella share…

Posted May 12th, 2019 By Colby Mugrabi

Name: Audrey Versace

Owner: Donatella Versace

Age: Unknown

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Instagram Handle: @audrey_versace

Minnie Muse: Where do you Sleep?

Audrey Versace: Mamma is completely obsessed with The Haas Brothers, a Los Angeles-based design team made up of twin brothers Simon and Nikolai Hass. After collaborating with the pair in 2013 on a collection of clothing, accessories and home goods, she asked them to design a one-of-a-kind doghouse for me. The final piece was sculpted out of honeycomb patterned gold brass and upholstered in shiny black leather to match mamma’s favorite chair by the design duo, appropriately named the Donatella Chair.

MM: What is your daily routine when at home in Milan?

AV: Mamma has me brought to her bed at 8AM each morning while she reads her iPad and sips espresso. Then, I join her for 30 minutes of pilates and we get our hair blown out before being driven to the office. I love the energy in the studio before fashion week. There are always so many familiar faces and beautiful new samples to admire. I love seeing the different stages of each collection. Mamma works tirelessly to make sure everything is absolutely perfect. And, most importantly, does it all in six inch heels. She is truly amazing.

MM: Do you have a favorite accessory?

AV: I have an assortment of colorful collars and complimentary leashes, but I love to adorn myself in the latest Versace jewelry. Mamma has the studio make me miniature versions of each collection - I can never have too many chains and charms!

MM: And jewelry?

AV: I never leave home without my engraved Versace gold tone Medusa pendant

MM: Do you love shoes as much as Donatella?

AV: No one loves shoes as much as mamma, but lately I have been obsessing over Versace’s Barocco Print Sash Pumps. They match perfectly with my Barocco silk neck scarf and compliment the lining of my dog carrier. If you can’t tell by now, I am completely obsessed with Versace’s signature prints.

MM: In what type of dog carrier do you travel?

AV: I travel in a custom Barocco-print Versace dog carrier with light pink trim.

MM: Do you have a favorite place to vacation?

AV: Turks and Caicos is our favorite escape when we are in need of sunshine and beautiful beaches. The weather is always perfect and, being so far from Milan, we are free of any and all distraction.

MM: Out of what type of dog bowl do you eat?

AV: I sip Evian out of a Versace Medusa Gala Pet Bowl and eat one meal a day off of matching porcelain plates.

MM: Do you have a favorite restaurant?

AV: Mamma maintains a very strict, low-carb diet, as do I, but whenever we visit New York I always try to sneak away to Brooklyn for pizza at Lucali’s – Beyonce once told me it is her and Jay-Z’s favorite date-night spot.

MM: What is your favorite dish when eating at home?

AV: On special occasions we allow a cheat meal, which always means al dente pasta with heaps of the finest caviar. As mamma says, "It's the Versace signature dish. Italian, but not exactly."

MM: Do you listen to music? Do you have a favorite song?

AV: It’s a tie between “Versace” by Migos and Bruno Mars’ “Versace on the Floor.” Both songs play on repeat when we are getting ready for a red carpet.

MM: And how about a favorite movie?

AV: Anything with Audrey Hepburn, obviously. Not only was she beautiful, glamorous, and a fellow European lady like myself, but she is also my namesake and spirit animal…

MM: Do you have any suggested reading material?

AV: The Donatella Versace Rizzoli Book by Versace Home is a fascinating exploration of how the maison transformed under the direction of mamma. It is filled with captivating images by the most acclaimed fashion photographers; including Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, and Steven Meisel.

MM: Who is your favorite person to go with on a walk?

AV: Gigi Hadid absolutely adores me and the feeling is very much mutual. She always brings me treats during fittings and lets me take selfies with her for my Instagram. One day back in 2015 after a Versace campaign shoot she even brought me out to dinner with her and all of her gorgeous friends.

MM: What would surprise people to learn about you?

AV: I don’t think people know how involved I am with the Versace brand and business. I help mamma with every show and advertising campaign, I accompany her around the world for business trips, and even had my own 2018 Lunar New Year ‘Audrey Versace’ Capsule Collection.

MM: Do you have any bad habits?

AV: It probably comes as no surprise that I can never pack light. It’s a habit I definitely inherited from mamma – at least all of my outfits and accessories can typically squeeze into one trunk!

MM: How would you describe yourself?

AV: I never like describing myself, so I’ll quote mamma instead: “[Audrey] is passionate, stubborn, a real individual and very loving.”

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